Extraordinary Testimony from Home Page cont.

"The authoritative prayer guide "Operation World" aptly depicts Cameroon as a nation with great potential for advancing the Kingdom of God, but one with a distinctively "spiritual poor church", owing to widespread corruption, weak leadership and very strong syncretism.


Having crisscrossed the nation as an evangelist for over 20 years, I know firsthand the reality of the challenges, and the unique opportunities for growing the Kingdom of God by training leaders whose lives and ministry are anchored in God's word. The annual School of (Practical) Ministry is a critical piece in this endeavor. The participants are selected through a rigorous process to ensure their potential as multiplying disciples of the Lord Jesus. Rather than boring you with more details, let me share with you one of many success stories, with gratitude to God for all of you who make this training possible.......


A month before Benson and Comfort Etta attended the August 2012 School of Practical Ministry, they experienced the loss of their son.Their hearts had been set on relocating to Banga Bakundu due NW of Buea, [Cameroon]. In their own words, this move would allow them....


"To serve as full time pastors of a small church we had been ministering to as evangelists since 2009. The church had 7 adults and 12 children by the time we started ministering there. We had no experience in pastoral ministry, we were looking for training and materials for our pastoral work. Through  HOIM we learned of the SPM program we quickly applied and were selected.


During the training we received straight forward  on the job practical ministry training that has changed our life and ministry. Through the training my wife's teaching ministry has developed incredibly she is of immeasurable value to me and the church, as she serves the women and children. I experienced a fresh understanding of grace and salvation.  I can now separate the  requirements of salvation from church membership. This has increased my confidence in the Word of God and removed any form of pressure on me since I am not the Savior. My best lesson was the module on communication and biblical interpretation.


It has totally changed my preaching and teaching ministry in terms of content and delivery and results, The SPM program challenged my entire belief system, I came to realize that most of us pastors emphasize the do’s and don’ts of salvation at the expense of what Jesus has done. A month before SPM we had just lost our son, The Lord, used the instructor to comfort us. He said it was alright to cry and experience emotion when you feel pain, that it was not a sign of weakness or carnality. That removed every feeling of guilt within us. Over the last 22 months, our main church has grown from 7 adults and 12 children to 120 adults and 75 children, and we have opened a daughter church which is 2 months old with an attendance of 13. The church also carries out regular workshops on community development, agriculture, financial empowerment as well as outreach projects for HIV/AIDS patients and the homeless."