God's Gracious Provision For Cameroon

The School of Practical Ministry was first taught in my native country of Cameroon in 2012. Now, 9 years later, the reach of this training extends far beyond individual churches or even communities. Conservative estimates are that over 1 million individuals in Cameroon have been nourished in person during weekly teaching services and through radio programs thanks to the dedication of the Evangel Seminary family.

Among national leaders and across denominations in Cameroon, ETS is a towering testimony of dedication to the Lord. Indeed, through their ministry, there is an ongoing importation of Christlike character, conduct and speech. 

All of this and much more has been made possible thanks to the hundreds of hours of writing, prayer, coaching and training that Dr. Reichard (founder and past President of ETS) expended in the Lord's vineyard. By the end of 2020 the number of SOPM graduates in Cameroon will have grown to around 800, but beyond the numbers are several churches and church planting movements that are now on a firm scriptural footing, thanks to Evangel Seminary's - School of Practical Ministry.